Intro of Troops



In Feudon, Hero is not a separate person; instead, he/she has a troop consisting of Soldiers. It is the troop who actually fights. Heroes are sorted into 4 types as following: Rage Skill (RS), Engine, Tactical and Support. RS Heroes lead the troop of Calvary unit, Infantry unit or Distal unit; Engine Heroes lead Engine Unit; Tactical Heroes lead Tactical Unit; Support Heroes lead Support Unit.


1.  Capacities:

Troops have multiple capacities in battle, mainly four types:

1.1 Block

Some troops can use their armors or shields to block Physical offense back to the enemy. Tactical offense and RS offense cannot be blocked. When the physical offense is blocked back, the troop itself will not be harmed or their Rage Points (RP) increased. And the enemy will suffer damage but their RP won’t be increased as well.

1.2 Miss

Some troops can miss the enemy’s RS offense and Physical offense. Tactical offense cannot be missed. When the offense is missed, the troop itself will not be harmed or their RP increased. And the enemy won’t be harmed from the missed offense or their RP increased, neither.

1.3 Critical Hit

Some troops can launch Critical Hits to enemies and create extra damage on them.

1.4 Counterstrike

Some troops can counterstrike a Physical offense to the enemy when attacked by them. Counterstrike will cause a rise in the enemy’s RP.

Notes: there is only 1 action at one time.


2.  Units:

Every Hero has his/her own unit of troop. Below is intro of the major units:

2.1 Cavalry Unit

Common action: Miss

Cavalry move very fast and have good offense and defense. They can miss the enemy’s RS offense and Physical offense.

2.2 Infantry Unit

Common action: Block

Well armored Infantry have excellent defense and block. Only Physical offense can be blocked back.

2.3 Distal Unit

Common action: Critical Hit

Light equipped, Distal Unit have low defense but high Damage and Critical Hits.

2.4 Support Unit

Common action: None

Support Units do not have a common action. Different Support Units have different combat bonus.

2.5 Tactical Unit

Common action: Zero Critical Hit

Tactical Unit is special. Their offense cannot be blocked or missed by the enemy once launched. But their offense has a chance to be ineffective after launched, and Tactical Unit is not able to burst out a Critical Hit.


3.  Damage:

Troops can create damage on enemies, mainly three types:

3.1 Rage Skill (RS) damage

RS damage is the damage of RS launched when the Hero’s RP is accumulated to 100. RS damage is dreadful and can only be ignored by troops who are capable of Miss.

Tips: Support Unit can increase our troops’ Rage Points. When RP is accumulated to 100, the offense of Rage Skill will break out.

3.2 Physical damage

Physical damage, also called normal damage, is the basic damage and has no preconditions to get output. However, Physical damage could be blocked or missed.

3.3 Tactical damage

Tactical damage can be regarded as a kind of spiritual damage. It cannot be blocked or missed but has a chance to fail to work.


4.  Heroes’ Traits:

Heroes have 3 kinds of Traits: Leadership, Bravery and Intelligence. Leadership affects the troop’s physical offense and defense, Bravery the RS offense and defense, Intelligence the Tactical offense and defense. Heroes’ Traits is essential in his fighting force and can be increase through Adventures.


5.  Heroes’ Soldiers:

The amount of Soldiers in Heroes’ troop affects the impact of the output damage. More Soldiers, higher damage.

The functions of Heroes in battle mainly lie in the bonus of his Traits on his troop and his Soldiers amount.

The upgrades of Heroes results in more Soldiers in the troop, and Heroes with a higher recruiting price will have more Soldiers than those with a lower price when upgraded.


6.  Strategy in Array

Array is important in Feudon. A smart Array helps a lot. According to the rules of battling in the game, the frontline of Array should be high defense Heroes and be protective of rear Heroes.

As illustrated, the Array with high defense Heroes deployed in A, B and C is a good Array.


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